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Real estate refers to land, as well as anything permanently attached to the land, such as buildings and other structures. Contract law governs the sale and purchase of real estate. Thus the Statute of Frauds, a principle of contract law, dictates that contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate must be in writing in order to be enforceable. Since the signing of the contract fixes most of the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller, it is of utmost importance that the real estate contract be reviewed by an attorney prior to its execution.

The seller of property must show that the title being offered is marketable. The seller must prove that he or she owns title to the property and that no third party has an undisclosed interest in the property. The buyer should utilize the services of an attorney or title insurance company to inquire into the marketability of the title, and to issue a policy insuring the title, called a title insurance policy. My office insures title through Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund, Inc., which is Florida's leading title insurance underwriter and title information provider.

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